Our Crowded Planet

The Amazon deforestation, the oceans, droughts, famines, fires, pollution, endangered species… I could write a blog on each of them. They are all linked to something few seem to talk about these days: Overpopulation.  Is this such a moral landmine that we ignore it – to our peril?  Population multiplies all of these problems.  The current global population has crossed 7.7 billion and is heading upward; growth is exponential as are the demands  our limited resources: water, land, trees, food and fossil fuels.

Here’s what Jane Goodall has to say:

“In order to slow down climate change, we must solve four seemingly unsolvable problems. We must eliminate poverty and change the unsustainable lifestyle of so many of us. We must abolish corruption. And we must contain our growing human POPULATION. There are 7.7 billion of us today, and by 2050, the UN predicts there will be 9.7 billion.” It is no wonder we despair but she ends with “I’m still optimistic…. about the resilience of nature, our intellects, social media and the power of young people.”





Mitigating population growth would have more impact than virtually any other climate policy! Women, given the resources and the choice, will opt for smaller families. Let’s promote female empowerment, especially in the developing world. Reproductive rights are an environmental as well as a social issue.



short video





Let me end with some pictures of our beautiful world.


A planet worth saving.

10 thoughts on “Our Crowded Planet

  1. When I was working with my foster child, she had severe PMS and the doctors wanted her to take birth control pills which she wouldn’t do because one of her grandmothers had told her that birth control was against God’s will. That’s the kind of thinking that needs to change if we ever hope to get a handle on over population.

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  2. So I no doubt left out some worthy countries in my comment to James below ….esp. European ones? Please comment on adding them to the list – we need the encouragement!
    PS Costa Rica was awarded the UN “Champion of the Earth” honor. 🙂


  3. Overpopulation is the elephant in the room when it comes to discussing global issues. Suggest we need to begin to limit population growth and you will be immediately accused of promoting eugenics or taking away human rights, or worse.


  4. I get depressed sometimes. I am surrounded by ignorant farmers, who burn rice stubble and anything else they can everyday. When they aren’t doing that they are spraying chemical and pesticides on the food we eat. These are people who live off the land and wonder why they are constantly going to hospitals with respiratory problems. In their spare time they kill themselves by drinking gallons of rice whisky, which is cheaper than water. The only positive is that deaths in our village outnumber births by 3 to 1. No-one is remotely interested in over-population, global warming or environmental issues. These people account for 60% of Thailand’s population, and they don’t care.


    • Yikes! It is depressing. An education program is needed in a big way. I guess from an environmental standpoint I would prefer to live in enlightened places like California ( a state separate from the rest of the USA!). Costa Rica or New Zealand.


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