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Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon, grew up in Latin America (plus a few years in Europe). Her experiences and love for the people, culture and natural setting of Colombia resulted in her award-winning novel,  A Place in the World.  A writer, former university lecturer, and environmental scientist, she has an MS in geology and a longtime passion for botany. This background enables her to weave in details on tropical nature and geology, as well as Latin American society, into her writing.   She has also published short stories (the last in Bacopa Literary Review)  and written newspaper articles. She lives in northern California with her husband and their golden retriever.

Cinda_0895psfull disclosure: this photo was taken in 2014, but I'm not taking another - perhaps ever 😉


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10 thoughts on “About the Author/Contact

  1. Hi Cinda, it is nice to see a person like you having a scientific background come in to the literary wourld.. people in science have a sort of ‘ fear’ to step in to this field.. it is encouraging for someone like me, having science background and exploring writing wourld with a cultural touch… as the natural world becomes beautiful with biodiversity, I think the the literary world becomes enriched by writers with different backgrounds…..

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  2. HIlary – I would recommend a tour of a coffee finca where they go over the processes and answer your questions. I have a background in biology and grew up in Colombia so I did my own botanical research. However there are a myriad of resources to read up on! If you would like to be a guest on my blog and write about your trip or something related to Colombia we could mention your book etc..


  3. Hi Cinda, thanks for contacting me via geokult-travel.com. I would love to talk further about your suggestion to write a post. Your novel looks really interesting and there definitely seems to be some interesting synergies regarding environmental and multicultural themes 🙂

    Best regards

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    • Hi Tracey-
      The guidelines for guest posts are:

      1) they should be related to one of the themes of the blog and include pictures;
      2) run no more than 1000 words – with less being more in the case of today’s readers! That’s really all (other than the final decision to post rests with me – but I’ve never turned anyone down so far! 🙂
      Look forward to hearing from you,


  4. About the author | A Place in the World

  5. Hi Cinda, thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope that you enjoy my future posts. I will reply to your comments on my blog and I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Have a wonderful day. Will


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