“A Place in the World” Wins an Award

Toot, toot!

A couple of weeks ago I found out “A Place in the World” was a finalist in the San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC) contest.  My husband and I were flying back home from a vacation in the wee hours of Saturday morning and I debated whether to get up and go hear the announcement of the winners (there were seven finalists, so what were the odds?).   Two things held me back – lack of sleep and the steep cost of attending, but then SFWC organizer Barbara Santos graciously offered me a guest pass for the event.  That sealed the deal: bleary eyed I joined the slow traffic crossing the Bay Bridge and through the city and spent another 20 minutes looking for a place to park ($35 for a three hours), then trudged up a VERY steep four blocks to the Mark Hopkins Hotel.

book cover

It was all worth while when they announced my name in second place. I was excited – now I have an “award winning” novel with a Kirkus review.  I introduced myself to David Sabine, the Grand Prize winner, and when told him I was the “runner-up” and he said “I’m glad I ran faster!”   By the way, his novel, A Chair with a View is another Indie!  This would have been almost unbelievable just a few years ago, but is still remarkable.  Yay – go Indies!

book launch 5-18-13efile

Latest review excerpts:   This well-written, riveting plot captures strong elements of friendship, love, freedom, perseverance and endurance amid all the physical and emotional challenges, heartache and pain. This pages of this novel are filled with beauty  and grandeur.The characters are well-developed, their personalities adding depth and dimension to a story that’s heartwarming and emotionally riveting. It’s a fascinating and moving story .        Wendy Goodreads (See the full review: A-PLACE-IN-THE-WORLD-Review)

“A Place in the World” is a serene, affecting, and poignant novel by a gifted storyteller. This gentle, meditative novel ramped up the tension toward the end and morphed into a genuine thriller. The author created a world that was wholly realistic and honest. In fact, everything about this novel pulsated with authenticity—the place, the characters, the animals, the community, the rebels, the indigenous tribesmen, and most of all, the everyday drama…the sign of a genuine five-star story. I recommend it highly.                         B. Case, Emeriti University Librarian. (See the full review: A-PLACE-IN-THE-WORLD-Review)

9 thoughts on ““A Place in the World” Wins an Award

  1. Are you kidding? I love comments and so does everyone else: “hog away”! I don’t think people would be upset by your post ( although I haven’t read it!) … you think it might “rain on their parade”? If there is a “winner” does that mean others are losers? NO. Competitors? Not really, if we are supporting each others efforts. Be interesting to see what others think of this.


    • OK. I’ll make a pig of myself and ‘hog away’. We could keep this going for a while as you have just raised one of the points in my draft, namely if there are winners there must be losers because everything has an opposite. You know; hot/cold, black/white etc. You know what I think I will publish that post after a little modification.


  2. Many congratulations Cinda. I am proud when someone I know wins an award. However, I do sometimes have misgivings about the many competitions for bloggers run by bloggers. Having been a sportsman all my life, until I became too old, I know what it is to compete and I loved it. But what I love about the arts is that we can use our skills to express ourselves in our own way without competing with another artist. We may admire another’s work and indeed may be inspired by them but we aren’t out to defeat them as in sport where that is the sole objective. In sport you often have to stifle your creativity to win. But in the arts there is no opponent. What do you think?


    • Thanks James. Well the affirmation by the industry is nice I must say and the publicity doesn’t hurt ( sales are up the moment you have an “award winning” book.) You have an interesting take on arts vs. sport; I had not thought of it that way. For the most part I find writer’s and other artists very supportive – and haven’t found any “opponents”.


    • That’s exactly my point. I really enjoy the same sympathetic and supportive camaraderie as you. So many people are willing to share and help novices like me. So if artists (in the broad sense) don’t see themselves in competition with each other why are there so many competitions in the field of arts? I find it a little enigmatic. I did draft a post on the subject a while ago but never published it for fear of upsetting too many folk! I hope I’m not hogging your comments section. Keep well. James


  3. O, you’re so welcome Cinda. And thanks for taking a look at my blog, still a work in progress. Am able to learn a lot from yours, especially since you enjoy highlighting others, as I want to do. I do hope you read LeClaire’s book, a successful novelist herself, you may be surprised! It’s among my top ten for sure, having led a group discussion with it, I’m amazed how much I learn with each new reading.
    It must be such a thrill and sense of accomplishment not only getting published, be honored. So happy for you, your own “silver” medal!
    If you try commenting via blogroll, let us know what happens!


    • Thank you Sandra! I think your blog Reflecting Pool is beautiful and I especially liked the “Sound of Silence” post. Will check out “Listening Below the Noise” ;though how she manages not to speak for a whole day I can’t imagine – you would have to stay home and my husband would not like my silence! (I am replying by email as I am not sure if one can comment viaBlogroll?) Cinda


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