Thursday Doors…and Arches

Perusing Dan Antion’s blog No Facilities reminded me of Norm Frampton‘s photo “challenge” to share your favorite door photos from around the world. As it happens I have a number of photos of doors and archways, so here are few from the Melk Abbey in Austria.

melk-abbey_pse0338 melk-ab-crtyard-ps-e323

The very Baroque Melk Abbey overlooks the Danube River.

The doors on the left are from the tea room … OK the one on the right is an archway more than a door, but similar passage.

Indulge me further because I want to add the fabulous spiral staircase that leads to the library (yep that’s a faux paint job)…

and further still because I had to photoshop the colours just for fun.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors…and Arches

  1. Nice ones – thanks for joining us this week. I’m trying to get an idea of just how tall that first one is – it looks quite imposing.
    If you get the chance, do swing by and add this to our link-up list so others can find it – just look for the blue froggie button near the end of my post.
    Cheers 🙂


    • Hmm – Hi Norm. I did click the froggie but… I did it before and thought it added the link automatically? Alas I guess I’m missing something. (Surprised that you found me without it!)

      I see no place to add a link. L

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    • When you click on the button it opens a new page. Depending on the device you are using you may have to scroll down to see where to enter your info. Put your link in the 1st field, the title of your post in the 2nd, and your name in the 3rd, then confirm and you’re done.


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