March is Readers Month

Greetings Dear Readers –

March is National Reading Month, a time to venerate reading, writing and literacy. One way to participate is to read aloud to children for 15 minutes every day through-out March; this can be the start of an appreciation for literature and an enjoyable habit in the years to come.


I want to take the opportunity to say thanks to all of you who read my novel and especially to those who took the time to write a review. Your notes and comments from different corners of the world bring me joy.

Pictured in the slide show below are readers from as far away as England and Japan. I’d love to have you be part of my fun Pinterest collection (when you get there, click on “Readers” to see more); if you would like to be included, contact me below (your information is confidential and not stored) and I will “pin” your photo with a book.

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I get a thrill almost every month to see (very) small electronic deposits from Amazon, via Smashwords, or my publisher – however tiny! OK, I’m not making a living as an author, but A Place in the World was published a several years ago and yet someone somewhere is still reading it – I can’t tell you how gratifying that is!

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Truth to tell, I found the publishing and talk circuit grueling (and hence didn’t do near enough of that or other marketing). Thus although I am working on two projects, I’m doing it because “I must”  write, not because I have to publish. Readers (yes You – you have remote power over me) – may make me change my mind .

By way of saying thanks I offer a short story as a pdf to anyone interested this month (well, in case there is a stampede of interest, to the first four people who request it).

It is entitled “Life in A Flash”  and told through the eyes of the younger daughter Sandra Jacinto, chronicles a multicultural, dysfunctional family. The cold experiences in young Sandra’s life are balanced by the warm relationships she embraces later in Latin America.

The story is set primarily in Costa Rica, but also Paris and London.  In spite of an unusual lifestyle, there are universal themes of sibling rivalry and adult-child conflicts; it may especially appeal to Expats, TCKs*  or those who embrace other cultures.  It did win “Honors” in the literary journal “Glimmertrain.” (Contact me here at

Keep reading – so many books so little time!

Kind regards, Cinda MacKinnon


*TCKs= third culture kids.  The term was coined for children who grow up in places other than their parents’ homeland; the first culture refers to the country from which the parents originated, the second culture refers to the cultures in which the family resides, and the third culture refers to the amalgamation of these cultures. There are many TCKs these days!




The Winner of the Short Story Give-away

The Winner of the Short Story Give-away for November is Jan aka jttwissel for her clever and supportive comments.
The story, Life in A Flash, is about a multi-national, dysfunctional family told through the eyes of daughter Sandra, now an adult; it is set in Paris and Costa Rica.

Congratulations and thanks to Jan!

6. july 09120px-Super_G_ConstellationMy sister Carolin at the entrance

Short Story Give-away for Clever Comments

The Idea:  The website-blog Displaced Nation gave away an eBook of my novel A Place in the World, to the “best comments” this week after interviewing me on my (former) expat life.  It elicited interesting comments and I thought it was such a good idea that I am going to try something similar.   I have a post titled “Why do we Read Fiction?”

Your Challenge: I have asked people to comment on the post, or share for example:  What do you enjoy reading?  Why do like that genre? How do you choose what to read next?  Have you visited places because a book made you want to? What is the last really good book you read?  I’ll make it even easier to qualify: you can comment on ANY Blog posted on this website in November, Or even on the Home page, Or For Book Clubs page.Bacopa Lit Revu_1097

The Prize: The first week in December, the best comment  will win a Free e-copy of my award-winning short story, Life in a Flash.  It is about a multi-national, dysfunctional family, told through the eyes of the younger daughter Sandra Jinesta.  It is set primarily in Costa Rica, but also Paris.  In spite of a seemingly exotic lifestyle, the themes of sibling rivalry and adult-child conflicts are universal. Gen Aris of Bacopa Literary Review said he was  “struck by the evocative use of well-chosen details and the rich, nuanced characters and relationships so deftly conveyed.  The Florida Review wrote …writing of exceptional quality.

So… lets hear from you!