Picture This: An IDEA

I have this idea that I thought might be fun…I’ve been mulling over whether to try it. Here it is: Would you like to contribute a photo of yourself holding A Place in the World?   It would sure be fun for me to see these pictures from around the country and the world.  What would really be cool, but not mandatory, is if you were standing next to some iconic symbol of where you are – like the Statue of Liberty, the Tour Eiffel, or Tequendama Falls (in Colombia). Or it could be creative and include an orchid, a llama, a map or a painting featuring some symbol of the book – or of you- are you a skier, a rock climber or have a hobby?

Send me a picture and I will include it on a new Pinterest Board (and perhaps this blog). If you don’t have a book you could still send a picture with your Kindle etc.

Here is my first picture taken today with new friend and fellow expat and writer, Rita Gardner. We met in Berkeley, California and exchanged books (thanks to James King from Thailand who introduced us on The Displaced Nation Blog!).

C & Rita ps e_3285a


So there’s the question. What do you think? Good idea or not? Are YOU be willing to contribute a picture of yourself with my book? Please click on an option below.

If your answer is yes –  send your picture with A Place in the World to : Cinda.mackinnon at gmail dot com

I’ll start compiling them and see if I get enough for an album.  Thanks for your input!

C w book ps_e0536