Reading Slowly

Hurray – I was starting to worry about the slow pace of my reading. When someone asks me to review a book I have to confess this deficit of mine (embarrassing when the person may have read my book in a matter of days). My Kindle often tells me the number of minutes to the end of the chapter I’m reading and it always takes me longer (sometimes twice as long) as their estimate; I used to say “I savor the words” but feared this was just an excuse for a slow brain.

Then I found this article by Jeanne Whalen in The Wall Street Journal (  that tells me to relax:

Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress, emphasizes the importance of deliberate slow reading. Whalen writes about a “return to a continuous, linear pattern, in a quiet environment free of distractions” –reading free of clickable links and videos, from one side of a page to another. It’s good for our brains, our absorption of information, and even our relationships with others.  “A study published last year in Science showed that reading literary fiction helps people understand others… (furthermore) regular engagement in mentally challenging activities, including reading, slowed rates of memory loss in participants’ later years.”

Jean reader ps 1011

Reading slowly increases comprehension or pleasure and helps decelerates the pace of modern life. There is a Slow Reading Club in Wellington, New Zealand.

What do you think?  Are you a speed reader or a slooow reader?  Will we be too inefficient if we slow down in a fast world?