Short Story Give-away for Clever Comments

The Idea:  The website-blog Displaced Nation gave away an eBook of my novel A Place in the World, to the “best comments” this week after interviewing me on my (former) expat life.  It elicited interesting comments and I thought it was such a good idea that I am going to try something similar.   I have a post titled “Why do we Read Fiction?”

Your Challenge: I have asked people to comment on the post, or share for example:  What do you enjoy reading?  Why do like that genre? How do you choose what to read next?  Have you visited places because a book made you want to? What is the last really good book you read?  I’ll make it even easier to qualify: you can comment on ANY Blog posted on this website in November, Or even on the Home page, Or For Book Clubs page.Bacopa Lit Revu_1097

The Prize: The first week in December, the best comment  will win a Free e-copy of my award-winning short story, Life in a Flash.  It is about a multi-national, dysfunctional family, told through the eyes of the younger daughter Sandra Jinesta.  It is set primarily in Costa Rica, but also Paris.  In spite of a seemingly exotic lifestyle, the themes of sibling rivalry and adult-child conflicts are universal. Gen Aris of Bacopa Literary Review said he was  “struck by the evocative use of well-chosen details and the rich, nuanced characters and relationships so deftly conveyed.  The Florida Review wrote …writing of exceptional quality.

So… lets hear from you!