Beautiful BUDAPEST Part II: BUDA

The setting of Budapest, with its remarkable architecture on the Danube River, is nothing short of stunning.  There are many gorgeous old cities in Europe and Budapest rivals them all. It began as two cities Buda and Obuda (Pest), but merged in the late 1800’s. Last time I posted about the Pest side so this […]

Pictures of BAROQUE Austria along the Danube River

Starting at the end of the 17th century this region of the Danube experienced many decades of growth and stability. Roads, trade and architecture flourished. Many buildings were erected – or rebuilt in the ornate Baroque style and nowhere is this flamboyant style more prevalent than along the Danube River in Austria. A stellar example […]

The Danube River

The Danube River is the longest river in Europe, running almost 1,800 miles from the Black Forest to the Black Sea – it flows by eleven countries. My husband Tom and I traversed its route from Regensburg and Passau (last weeks’ post) through the lovely Wachau Valley, and cruised from Vienna to Budapest (then we […]

A 7 yr. old Refugee to England 1938-1939 – EXPAT Files # 7 (continued excerpts from Christian Zozaya’s draft memoir, Culture Shock)

When we left off Christian Zozaya was 6 to 7 years old and his family had evacuated to Barcelona because of the Spanish Civil War. Nonetheless he narrowly missed being hit in a bombing raid that killed another school-mate.   As German troops marched into Austria, Mussolini’s Italians increased their bombing of the Spanish coast and […]