Rising to the Challenge…

The San Francisco Bay became a hotspot for the corona virus and 7 counties in the area banded together to issue a “stay home order.” That was a week ago, followed only a few days later by California’s Governor Newsom ordering all residents to “shelter in place” and leave home only for essential trips. Today the state confirmed 2,382 cases (experts say there are more awaiting testing or test results) of Covid-19 zooming up from 565 last week. In our county alone the cases (86) have jumped >85% in a week. (source: Calif. Dept of Health)

We are among the “vulnerable” so my husband and I comply (as do most people.) Tomas was a little slow – insisting on Day 2,one last trip to the hardware store for wood to repair our deck; he needed a project. I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and gardening when weather permits (its unseasonably cold for March). A writing project, long on a back burner, is propped on my desk as well.

I draw some comfort from a friend who wrote “this too shall pass.” That is surely true, but when and at what cost? Epidemiologists think our local legislatures may have acted swiftly enough to tamp the worst of the outbreak in our area and a few other states.
We are lucky that we have some well-educated state governors and smart officials with moral fiber who– unlike the present US administration – listened to the experts. On January 22 Trump boasted “We have this totally under control” and a White House advisor a few weeks ago claimed “we have contained this.” How could they, when in 2018 he eliminated the National Security Council’s global health unit (our warning system for pandemics), the Center for Disease Control funding was cut by a third, and Hospital Preparedness within Health and Human Services cut by half? (Source: Time Mag.3/2020) Several high level government health positions have yet to be nominated, 3 yrs. into his term. Hence we were not prepared for a pandemic. There’s a saying “Poor planning on your part…..constitutes an emergency” …in this case on “we the people.” (Thus concludes my rant.)

Surprisingly time passes in our semi-confinement and we are not bored yet. The saving grace is we are allowed to go outside for exercise and to walk the dog.

A few days ago we went to our little “secret beach” and we were still the only ones there. Then when the sun came out, we decided to hike a local trail that often has wild flowers and not well-used in the past. That was then and this is now. The first clue was some traffic on the rural road, followed by lines of parked cars 100’s of feet from the small parking lot. With every one off work and home with their kids, they decided to enjoy nature just like us. It was strange sharing the trail with so many, but only one young guy refused to yield the 6-feet of “social distance” (in spite of my waiting and saying “excuse me”). We saw few flowers, but on the drive home I did find a field of poppies – alas on fenced private property, so we could only enjoy it from the road… but oh my!

Profusion of colorful poppies

How are you and yours faring in your corner of the world?

9 thoughts on “Rising to the Challenge…

  1. Obama then brought the global health unit back in 2015 after the 2014 Ebola crisis. In May of 2018 the Whitehouse global health unit was merged into the Whitehouse National Security Council. Its first test was later that year with the upsurge of Ebola and Hemorrhagic fever cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    Yes the CDC’s funding has dropped. But like all federally appropriated entities, the CDC submits a budget to congress and after much arguing, they decide the amount that’s going to be appropriated.


  2. Quarantine is difficult—the uncertainty of it all and the enormity of the changes that will surely ensue. I am worried that the 2 trillion dollar package won’t reach those who need it the most—who are barely hanging on, and who certainly don’t have access to a computer and Internet to file the claims needed to get their small checks. Yet I’ve heard no one discuss this issue.

    On a happier note, your dog is magnificent. I am severely dog deprived, and if I weren’t quarantined on the East Coast, I might dognap him/her while you were wandering down a trail…

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  3. I’m getting emails rather than comments here – is it a WordPress problem? Anyway I want to share a comment from Jeff :
    ” We are hunkered down here in SF, doing well and in good spirits so far. I’m really not liking this episode of The TWILIGHT ZONE and can’t wait for it to end!”

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  4. I agree that the quarantine would be a whole lot more bearable if the weather was warmer. I thank God every morning that we took the plunge before Christmas and got a new furnace. We had to clear out all the stuff from storage under the house and now are in the process of getting rid of most of it. I am disheartened by people who are hoarding – still! – and not self isolating but I do believe hardware stores are considered essential!

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