I Shall Eat Cake … (and Eclairs!)

…when I am eighty. At that age you begin to lose a little weight so that is the one thing I can look forward to – cake.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette


OK, full disclosure: I DO eat cake on my birthday.. and my husband’s… and my granddaughter’s.

Otherwise I changed my mind about aging gracefully years ago; I thought people worrying about their wrinkles etc. was mostly vanity, but now I see it is knees that protest at stairs or hiking hills, a neck that doesn’t turn well to the left ( in spite of years of stretching exercises) and fingers that  ache after typing very long  (I used to sit  at my computer all morning and write – now I have a 25 minute timer that makes me get up and take a break. Unless I’m in “flow,” then carpal tunnel or arthritis be dammed!) – and that’s just the joints!  Getting older isn’t for sissies, as they say, so I don’t plan to stress myself out by doing it gracefully.


My granddaughter announced she will move in with me when she grows up – because she likes our house. She’s five so that will work our nicely with my advancing age in 17-18 years.  I’m going to hold her to that.  And we shall eat cake –


Ok not my grand-daughters, but my vision.

and Eclairs.  Now that’s what I really want after a lifetime of healthy eating (i.e pastry deprivation). 

eclair-489731_960_720 …and no skimping on the frosting – esp. the chocolate!

Actually I could eat a lot  of goodies without ill effect in my 20’s.  I baked every week “for my kids”: cookies, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of bread.  Eclairs were always dangerous however – I might as well apply them directly to the belly and hips.  If I have dementia by the time I’m eighty, please remind me that I can have all the eclairs I want! I shall eat cake… and Eclairs.

How about you do you have a plan for your old age?

PS Another topic have you noticed that I have strayed from my “expat” and “multicultural” themes?   Am I in danger of losing you? I guess I have been telling myself the “writing” theme encompasses pretty much anything. True?


4 thoughts on “I Shall Eat Cake … (and Eclairs!)

  1. Good for you! Poor me – my daughter is a vegan, no carb, no sugar, no cheese lady – when I’m eighty she’ll probably feed me only kale and tofu. It’s hard to stick with one theme when blogging. A little variety is always nice, I think.


  2. I just turned 60, and I have now realized the same thing you wrote about. I also have the attitude,, that my time isn’t long on this earth, so I am taking on new adventures, so I have no regrets of missing out on something I always wanted to do. If youth but knew, what age could tell.


    • Sounds good Audrey. You go girl! (americanism)…. Good on’ ya! ( down-under -ism)
      I was thinking recently about the little old lady who lived next door when I was a little kid – now I am evolving into that little old lady for the kids that live next to us. The cycle of Life. When I was young woman I understood intellectually that I would grow old and yet I never really believed it. Even now, looking in the mirror I’m surprised at the face looking back at me!


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