A Quick Joke

dog jokeI am way behind in blogging but want to let you know I am still alive. Here’s a dog joke for you to enjoy.   Cinda


3 thoughts on “A Quick Joke

  1. Life seems to get in the way of blogging! We need more seconds in a minute- more minutes in an hour and more hours in a day, etc. etc.

    Would it be okay if I copy and post the book review you did on Amazon for “Why me?” I would like to put it on WordPress Facebook and perhaps GoodReads. In the past we had discussed the possibility of me perhaps doing a guest post on your blog.Is this still an option? If so How do I go about it. If you like you can email me at(xx).


LeWhy don't these Spam messages from OUtlook go to a spam folder? If I blacklist "outlook" will it take out real followers?ave a Reply

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