A Christmas WISH LIST

In countdown order:
4. That chest-beating buffoon, Donald Trump will vanish from the media. He’s really one of the biggest embarrassments the U.S has ever had.  We’ve all heard his racist, sexist rants – I don’t need to reiterate.

3. Cell phone etiquette. Starting with rudeness – we have to listen to a loud conversation from someone two meters away or an irritating ring-tone that interrupts dinner, a movie or a meeting.  But far worse are the reckless, distracted drivers with their phone pressed to their ear… & texting multiplies the accident rate by two (at least).

2. Narrow the shameful gap between the (obscenely) rich and the (desperately) poor.

peace images

1. Peace on Earth – from refugees fleeing violence and war, to the terrorist attacks with its perversion of religion.  I won’t go on…

sweetclipart free


…..and wishing all of you a warm and peaceful holiday.

5 thoughts on “A Christmas WISH LIST

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  2. I wish you a happy holiday season. Canada had its own embarrassing buffoon, former mayor of Toronto- Rob Ford who made notorious international fame.
    it is an enigma and scary how so many people fall for a fools rhetoric.


    • I try to remember that when the media portrays the world as a big bad terrible place. Happy Christmas to you ( you’ll be waking up soon to Christmas – it is still “tomorrow” here!).


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