Paris monuments are beautifully illuminated at night – well worth a separate tour by taxi, bus 69 or…does anyone know if the Batobus (boat) operates after dark? All of these photographs were taken on or along the Seine.  Once the tallest structure on the world (1050 feet/320 meters), the iconic Eiffel Tower was built as the entrance to the world’s fair in 1889.  Visitors can climb up stairs to the first two levels or take a lift all the way to the third and highest level.

I don’t remember the flashing light show years ago, but you can see it all across the city at night.

tour eiffel fr below 15_46_psAnd above is another angle of the tower: taken from below, looking up.

Musee d’Orsay – originally a Beaux-Arts railroad station (Gare d’Orsay) built in 1900.  It was converted into the fabulous French art museum in the 1970’s and houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces by painters including Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne, Seurat, Gauguin and Van Gogh.

De Orsay i thnk_49_15_Ps


Below is the dome of the Pantheon.  Marie Curie, Victor Hugo and other notables are buried here in the building which used to be a church.

Pantheon_45_58 ps_


The entrance to the Louvre at night – the largest museum in the world.  The Louvre was begun as a fortress in the 12th century and added onto over the next 500 years to become the Palais Louvre of the French kings.  It began its young life as an art gallery as early as 1750 and after the French Revolution was officially transformed into a museum.




La Rive Droite under a full moon.

Rive droit under full moon_50_33ps


Everyone knows the Statue of liberty in NYC (first photo below) was a gift from France.. but here is a model (second photo below)  installed on the Seine.

The Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry, NYC.

The Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry, NYC.

statue lbrty model seine_10_00_ps

Model of the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower behind –which looks closer than it actually is because the tower is large and the statue is relatively small.


Frenchmen-francophiles who can identify this landmark building below?

hotel de ville i thnk_41_06 psThese pictures were all taken with my cell phone; for some gorgeous shots of Paris at night (esp. the bridges) by a professional see: http://ianmacdonaldphotography/paris night


7 thoughts on “PARIS AT NIGHT- CITY LIGHTS photos

  1. Two Weeks between PARIS and LA MANCHE (the English Channel) – A Place in the World

  2. Hi Cinda! Reading this makes me want to visit Paris so bad. Even after what has recently happened. I wish I could have spent more time there during my last visit; specially at night but we woke up so early every day that it was difficult to stay up past 10 pm. Lovely photos!


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