The Boy and the Starfish: a story I love

A tanned and shirtless little boy is on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific. The damp sand is almost entirely covered by starfish stranded by unusually high and low tides.

Pinterest -a86c36

The boy is picking up the ocean creatures and methodically throwing them into the waves, one after another. Another figure emerges, a man far down the other end of the starfish strewn beach.

Walking down the long strand he observes the boy energetically trying to rescue the starfish from the hot sun. After many minutes they meet.

“Don’t you realize there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of starfish here? You can’t possibly save them all,”  the man says.

The little boy hurls another into the ocean and turns around and grins.

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“I saved that one though!”

(All photographs were found on Pinterest.)       


6 thoughts on “The Boy and the Starfish: a story I love

    • My mother – who was a starchy, no-nonsense type – didn’t let us kill spiders.! She viewed them as friends who kept the bugs down in the house (we lived in the tropics).


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