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Colleen Story invited me to be this week’s Featured Writer for her blog on Writing and Wellness.  When I get together with other writers we bemoan how ailments, like carpal tunnel etc. slow us down!  If we’re writing for many hours on end this can cause all sorts of issues…Colleen lists: sore back, dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, weight gain etc. Here are some tips.IMG_1523ps-crp

Get Up Every 30 Minutes

I’ve had trouble with neck pain.  For awhile I couldn’t work for more than 30 minutes at a time.  I also developed wrist pain. Apart from the computer I sometimes lose my voice after a presentation—and could never do two in a row.  (Hey, I have dry eyes too but didn’t realize it was a “writer’s symptom!”)

My neck trouble forced me to learn to use software that allows me to talk to my PC—but it is just not the same! Now I set a timer for 30 minutes and that makes me get up and stretch, or at least reminds me to watch my posture, and that helps with both the hand and the neck issues.

A hot tip?  Change your chair 2-3 times a day—or at least vary the angle and height slightly.

writing_ps0540For the throat problem I drink slippery elm tea, and take it with me to a talk.  I rest my voice the day before and have started taking voice lessons with exercises that seem to be helping me use my voice box differently.

Social Life? What Social Life?

I get overwhelmed by all a writer has to do besides writing.  I feel like social media etc. has taken me away from actual writing (story-telling).  My real social life has gone downhill—it was better before I “retired” to this second career!

Several things help in dealing with life’s ups and downs: exercise is the main way I deal with stress, and secondly,”meditation” is calming (in quotes because in my case I just carve out some quiet time, close my eyes and think of nothing – or concentrate on breathing).

Cinda welcomes distractions from her dog, NAME.

Taking a break with my walking companion.

I find that walking in nature is when I get my best ideas and work through problems; the other time seems to be in the middle of the night! I keep a notepad next to my bed now.

For for the rest of  this post (including writing advice) and information on Writers and Wellness click here.  Do you have any tips for working on your computer etc?

6 thoughts on “Featured Writer on Wellness

  1. I’m always amazed to see how many lifestyle doppelgangers I have out there, Cinda–and you and I are matched to a T.
    Love all the wonderful tips and I find them all to be incredibly useful as well.
    If I’m really feeling stressed brain, eye or muscularly, I do a handstand against the wall. I’m determined to increase my chances of getting a little brain juice back into the right places. Anything to help the creativity and longevity, right? 😛


  2. Hi Cinda.
    I have back and neck issues. Blogging and writing doesn’t help. I stand frequently and do a stretch recommended by my Doctor. Place the back of your hands on the small of your back and lean backwards. This helps stretch the spaces between the vertebrae.Hopefully maybe this will decrease the rate that i lose height . If i get any shorter i will disappear. When i remember I do this stretch a few times a day because I really don’t want to disappear.

    for the neck –put the palms of your hands on your forehead. Press your head foreword into your hands. Next place the palms of your hands on each side of your forehead and press head into your hands one side of a time– first to the left and then to the right
    To increase neck mobility put hands on waist and turn head to the right and then foreword and then to the left. DO NOT BEND NECK BACKWARDS.

    re eyes -i had a bad experience in Florida see my blog “ 1st month in Florida on my own. -Feb. 2 2014. I woke up with double vision. a result of eyestrain from too long at the computor and dry eyes. I use eye drops every day. it makes a difference.


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