Wildflowers near Skywalker Ranch

We went up Lucas Valley in Marin County (north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco) to see what was blooming and were amply rewarded. Walking up the Loma Alta Trail by Big Rock we found:numerous yellow lilies with blue gilias,

Calochortus luteus & Gilia capitata

Calochortus luteus & Gilia capitata

Sidalcea diploscypha Marin_psE0096

Sidalcea diploscypha

       A few sidalceas…


and clarkias.

 Clarkia amoena_psE0120

Clarkia amoena

chinese houses_ps9794

Collinsia sparsiflora

Across from Skywalker Ranch, the Chinese Houses (Collinsia sparsiflora) were still blooming, but passing their prime (it is late for them anyway!)

Skywalker Ranch is home to (George) LucasFilms of Star Wars fame. Built as a movie-makers retreat out in the countryside, it is a working production facility and includes a huge technical sound building.

T&G Skywalker_psE0122 Skywalker Ranch in the background with my dog and husband (aren’t they handsome?)  in the foreground. The flowers are mostly yarrow (close-up below).

Yarrow Pt Reyes 05psYou never know what you will discover when you explore country roads and trails. (But as you can see, in spring, my blog becomes a forum for my wildflower photos)  🙂

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