For those who have never been to the desert in springtime these photos will surprise you by how green and colorful it can be – for a few short weeks. These pictures were taken in Mojave Desert in southern California where the San Gabriel foot hills merge with the desert floor.


Landscapes These shots are from the Antelope Valley just north of Los Angeles.

Most of the Mojave Desert lies mostly above 2,000 ft. (except for Death Valley) and is called the high desert. It has a bit more rainfall and cooler winters than the Colorado Desert to the south.   As you can see above, some of these hills are covered in blossoms for miles.

The driest areas might get 4-inches of rain per year although the mountains that border the desert run from 12 up to 20 inches/yr.

Next week we travel further north-west and behind the Sierra Nevada range.

Were you surprised?


4 thoughts on “DESERT LANDSCAPES in SPRING: Part I

    • Isn’t it amazing in the midst of a drought? This is almost as good as I have ever seen it. Too bad my slides didn’t post.. I had to make a separate post. ( see Desert Landscape- the Missing Photographs!)


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