ALOHA from Hawaii!

We are in Maui! I love it here. This morning I woke at dawn and went out on the lanai to find the full moon setting over the ocean.



    No not a sunset – the moon setting in the west at dawn as the sun starts to rise behind us in the east.



Every day we go snorkeling. I would tell you my favorite spots, but there are so many: on the west shore – between Kapalua and Kaanapali – or the south shore where we are.   If you come here, to the Kihei-Wailea area, head south and first there is Ulua and then almost any ocean access south of Paluaea (White Rock) offers coral reefs to swim out to.


Heading out to snorkel.

Heading out to snorkel.



parrot fish

a parrot fish


When we first came here, over twenty years ago, there were not as many tourists – nor lodgings- in the south and the people who did snorkel did not venture out very far. Sadly the near shore reefs are not as healthy as they were back then – probably from people standing on the coral, but also warming oceans and acidity play a part. At any rate we started swimming out farther and farther and surprisingly more people are doing the same – even older women in flotation devices!  

The state fish of HAwaii: Humuhumunukunuku apua'a

The state fish of Hawaii: Humuhumunukunuku apua’a

Yesterday we swam a good ten or 15 minutes offshore and along a rocky (inaccessible) coast. For awhile we had an area all to ourselves, save a kayak or two, and spotted turtles, many colorful fish and beautiful coral formations.

Green sea turtles - endangered ( and yet we often see them).

Green sea turtles – endangered ( and yet we often see them).

It’s another world – an ethereal, blue, quiet one. (Then alas two – and eventually four boats came and out came with loads of other snorkelers. One ran into me and I had two other near collisions before decided to heading out further along the coast! But enough complaining – it’s still an incredible experience!) You get out of the water having had a wonderful encounter with nature and feeling great from a good workout!

View from lanai of rented condo.

View from lanai of rented condo.


It is also whale season and every day we see them spouting and breaching in the distance; you can see the splashes far out to sea. If we are lucky, they will put on a show closer to shore where you can even discern a mere fin or tail wag.


Humpback whale breaching.


It’s raining today so we will walk the beaches, maybe body surf (we’ll be wet any way right?), write this blog or find other activities. I love the tropical plants. Out driving around in the countryside, we spied flowers for sale at a little house with an honesty box.  Tom brought me a whole bouquet of proteas  for just $5.

proteas_ps e1121

…a picture of the proteas.


I never get bored and would spend the winter here if I could. Do you have a favorite place in the world?


9 thoughts on “ALOHA from Hawaii!

  1. Holy cow, Cinda, what a trip!! What an amazing, colorful and romantic trip. Your snorkeling adventures look and sound like a travel agent’s dream brochure. And to be fortunate enough to travel there for 20 years running? Lucky, indeed.
    I hope the food has been memorable as well. Those mouth-watering BBQs are events I would never tire of.
    Safe travels back. And congrats on a beautiful post. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aloha. I too love Hawaii especially Maui and Kauai. You took beautiful photos. We too did snorkelling many years ago on our honeymoon and again about 15 years later.I enjoyed your book and I am now anxious to resume reading.


    • “EP”! So glad you wrote again as I saw the review you posted of A Place in the World on Amazon and wanted to write and thank you for taking the time – but I only had your blog address (and didn’t think I should post it there). It is a generous review and I am so pleased you liked the book! I love it when people do this as it not only helps me as an author but it helps people decide whether it is a novel they might like to read. So many thanks! Cinda
      PS Do you know about Goodreads? It is a great place to find good books and also a good place for an author to find readers.


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