The Best Part of Blogging!

JT Twissel

For me, the best thing about writing a blog has been getting to know other authors and bloggers out there in the cyber world. They pick me up when I feel like crap, comment on my often silly blogs and keep me entertained with theirs. And not only that, they let me take time from gazing at my own navel to explore theirs (okay – their virtual and not actual navels).

c-dolphin-kiss_ps-e1952 Cinda Mackinnon, A Place in the World

My first interview was with my neighbor, Cinda MacKinnon. Funny story – we lived next door to each other for many years unaware that we were both working on novels! It is true – writers have a hard time admitting their advocation, especially if they’re writing fiction.

Actual conversation I had at a party:

Wendy: “So you’re a writer?”
Jan: “Well, yes.”
Wendy: “How are sales going?”
Jan: “They’re not.”
Wendy: “I…

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5 thoughts on “The Best Part of Blogging!

  1. Another blog to follow. I picked up something from this post I may have missed before, the “I Love Lucy” part. That’s so interesting, what makes us feel “at home”. She’s certainly a good slice of America. There are few if none like her now.


    • I Love Lucy was about the only program on growing up in Colombia. Every Friday we gathered around the TV and the funny thing is that we (kids) thought it was a Colombia show! (Yo Quiero a Lucy) Imagine my surprise finding it on TV in the USA and Lucy and Ricki Ricardo spoke English!


  2. Thank you Shelley. What a great comment. I too related to “The Best Part of Blogging” : the connections one makes ( you being at the top pf the list). She will be delighted to know someone appreciates finding her featured writers too.


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