The view of Budapest as we approached the city along the Danube one evening was jaw-dropping. As far as architecture this is my favorite city in Central Europe – perhaps all of Europe.

c bridgeBudapest ps e 184

Parliament (Buda)Pest ps e 187

Hungarian Parliament on the left.


It began as two cities Buda and Obuda (Pest) but was unified into a single city in 1873. The West side is Buda with Castle Hill and Fisherman’s Bastion; we stayed on the Pest (Parliament side).

It deserves one more picture - a close up.

It deserves one more picture – a close up.

Budapest dancers auto 177



Strolling around Pest we came upon some street dancers. They would perform and then anyone could join in.



Any evening you can come across these strange, pedal-powered vehicles carrying noisy young people guzzling beer and listening to loud music. Foreigners can buy tickets too, tour the city  while partying at the same time.

Beer pedalers… (not peddlers)


Also on the Pest side is the Synagogue.  It is hard to get a great shot from the street but this gives you a glimpse I hope is worthwhile.















Budapest  was the second capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire ( the first being Vienna). Hence the Baroque Opera House was modeled on the magnificent Viennese Opera House.  All the marble you see is faux i.e. painted – they did a fabulous job!

Hngrn Opera_auto0400

Entrance to the Opera

Entrance to the Opera

Central stairway

Hngrn Opera_auto0401

Opera boxes

Opera boxes



The Chain Bridge was built between 1839 and 1849. (Like many other Danube bridges, the Chain Bridge did not survive the ravages of the World War II; it was rebuilt in 1949.)


Chain Bridge

We found it fairly easy to get around on the Pest side (it is flatter and more modern, but still plenty of wonderful old sites to see), both by tram and bus. Other places to go are the thermal Baths and Hero’s Square – there are museums, more architecture, statues, a lake and pretty grounds.

I will save the Buda side of Budapest with Castle Hill for next time. If anything it is even more fabulous! And I have a video – of a large fountain with music and a light show – I need to figure out how to post. Hope to see you then.

Please leave any “travel comments” for the next guy – or me! Has anyone gone to the baths? We missed the soak – would love to hear about it.



  1. I’ve been to two bath houses in Budapest: Szechenyi and Gelert. They were both beautiful and a lot of fun. Gelert was more regal, and also quieter as I visited at the end of the day. Szechenyi on the other hand was full of people having fun with family and friends. I remember they had great whirlpools!


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