A Comic illustration of Writing Styles

Passive writing, active writing, figurative writing, ghostwriting, etc.

 Grant Snider of Incidental Comics has come up with a funny cartoon that should entertain you while you ponder the differences.  I’ve tried at least half of these – must work on experimental writing however; please send the shady (suits and hats) characters in to enforce my writing when I go into passive mode.

Here’s today’s entry from Incidental Comics:

Styles of Writing

Borrowed from Chris Robley of Bookbabyblog

Whats’ your style?


5 thoughts on “A Comic illustration of Writing Styles

  1. Egads, this is exactly the giggle I needed as I’m finishing up rewrites for my editor. A touch of comic relief, and I can see myself in so many of those poses while going through the process. Although there’s a significant amount of woolgathering in between each stage.
    Cheers for the smiles!


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