2013 has flown the coop, and 2014, is born.  I’ve met so many amazing people online from all over the world this year.  It has been SO Much Fun to hear from people I have connections with from places I lived long ago (or now know online); to follow the progress of writers, both new and more established.  Expats please stay in touch – it is very interesting reading about your lives and stories.

Here are FIVE NEW YEARS Wishes – from the Trite to the Serious

1. Less commercialism of the holidays.  I know, I kn0w everyone says that – I think everyone WANTS that (well maybe not the bargain crazed – but there are other days) so why can’t it happen?  The workers should be home with their families and friends at least for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

 2. Please let’s not have people talking on their cells phones on planes.  Flying is bad enough these days without having to sit with someone shouting inanities (or even worthwhile personal conversation) for hours.  While we’re at it, how about users being quieter with their phones in public places by walking away to a more private corner?  And please could people drive hands free – or better yet concentrate on your driving and talk later?

 3. One password for all sites. I can’t possibly remember them all and it is such a nuisance to search through the many possible combinations I have used.  As journalist John Diaz writes, “I long for the days when my memory was sharper and the only combination I had to remember was the one to my hs locker”.

 4. I wish we would cultivate Tolerance and Compassion for people who have different religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual preferences or live in poverty.

 5. Could the U.S. Congress get some work done and not be so obstructionist? While I’m being political, my last wish I give to the Affordable Care Act.  We are dead last in the developed world to provide health care. It takes time to iron out a complicated new system – witness Social Security: how people yelled about that, but who turns it down? Ditto Medicare.

Resplendant Quetzal

Resplendant Quetzal

Oh dear I’ve used up my five wishes and I haven’t even got to taking care of the earth and saving the rainforests (see my posts: rainforests)

I wish you all Happy New Year – may all your dreams come true.

Prospero Año  Nuevo

Bonne Année

I won’t hog anymore languages because I would love  for you to – please ADD YOUR WISHES to send out to the world in whatever language you like. Don’t be shy – speak up!


8 thoughts on “FIVE NEW YEARS WISHES

  1. Oh yeah – I forgot to wish for that… and more time to do everything in the New Year…maybe a clone to do all the work while I am writing or having fun unbeknownst to the rest of the world…and for my new novel to come flowing out out of my wp/pc – or at least out of my brain. 😉


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