An Oscar Shortlisted Film: “Road Home”

This is on my “to see list”. It’s not easy being shortlisted for the Academy Awards, but that’s what Rahul Gandotra did in 2011 with his live-action short film, The Road Home.


It tells the story of Pico, a  student who runs away from school, hoping to get to the airport and return to London. Pico looks Indian on the outside, but on the inside, he is British. He doesn’t speak Hindi, and the culture is foreign to him. He is a “hidden immigrant” who desperately wants to escape…

This film is for anyone who questions where they are from, at any time of their life. Any one who has had an outsider experience or has left their country can relate to this movie.

See full post and video via Clearingcustoms: An Oscar’s Shortlisted Film on a TCK’s Long “Road Home”—Watch It Online.


I will be taking a break  but wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


5 thoughts on “An Oscar Shortlisted Film: “Road Home”

    • Well I’d love to say it’s where I live but in the reality it’s my last name. It gets some interesting responses depending on where I’m at. In Russia where I currently live it could be pronounced “Gaga” as in the lady. Figure that one out.


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