(Reblog) TCK writer Cinda MacKinnon, finds a way to revisit “homes” she has cherished

..today we talk to Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon, who has found a place in fiction writers’ groups. Based on the first novel she produced, tellingly entitled A Place in the World, it seems fair to say that…

Let’s find out more about Cinda, why she wrote the book, and the book-writing process. And don’t forget to comment at the end of the interview! As this month’s Featured Author,  Cinda will be giving away a FREE E-Copy of her book to the person who leaves the most interesting comment!

what made you decide to write a novel about an American woman who lives in the cloud forests of Colombia?
Well, like all writers the story was simply in my head. Contrary to what I’d been told to do, I wrote for myself, without the idea of publishing—at least when I first started. But I guess there were also some motivating factors. As you mentioned, I grew up as a Third Culture Kid, or TCK. My family lived in Greece, Germany, Colombia, and Costa Rica because my father was in the United States Air Force and then worked as an attaché to American embassies. I spent my formative years—and by far the longest time—in Colombia and Costa Rica. I wanted to be a rainforest biologist. That didn’t happen, but I’ve been able to live this dream through my protagonist, Alicia. Writing the book gave me an excuse to visit and study tropical nature in several places.

What impact did writing about the experience have on you overall—did it help you process what you’d been through as a TCK?
I love Latin America—the setting and culture are comfortable to me. The book gave me a chance to write about the people in that part of the world who were enormously kind to me. Growing up as a girl without a country, I came “home” for the first time to the States for college and felt totally out of place. Writing gave expression to some of this unanticipated culture shock.

Excerpted from:   thedisplacednation.com       (click for the full interviw). The Displaced Nation is a cyber home (website) for global residents, nomads and wanderers who, as a result of these experiences, have tapped into their inner creativity. A haven for travelers and expats who express themselves through writing, art, photography, and entrepreneurship.

Site to see some great  photos of the rainforests and Colombia: http://www.pinterest.com/CindaMac/boards/

One thought on “(Reblog) TCK writer Cinda MacKinnon, finds a way to revisit “homes” she has cherished

  1. The description along with the title and the cover make you want to pick up this book. I read this before going to South America and found it educational as well as entertaining.


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