A Place in the World was reviewed on “Best-Book-Review” in the United Kingdom

“The descriptive language is evocative and at times beautiful in painting word pictures of the rain forest and cloud forest. There is a great deal of botanical knowledge on the part of the writer as she describes the flora of the region, which gives the book an authentic flavour.

book cover

The story line gives a good insight into clashes of culture and the difficulties therein, including language and the role of women in Colombia and other South American countries. The characters are strongly depicted and Alicia develops, as the book unfolds, from being a young misfit with no real home, to being a very strong and determined woman who lives in a remote area and copes with all that life throws at her including an erupting volcano.

I enjoyed the book very much. At first I was not sure if the main theme of the story was a romance or a general family saga. In fact I found it a bit of both and a lot more. The book is well written and the pace is good. The ending has a few surprises.”

Reviewed by Janette Skinner, Best-Book-Review, UK.


Cinda notes:

Gentle Readers: Please write me if you have read A Place in the World and tell me what you liked and didn’t like about it.  I will gladly answer any questions you have.  You might consider writing a review for Amazon or Goodreads which helps other readers decide whether they want to read it (and helps me publicize the book  🙂   A Free Ebook is available to anyone willing to write a review. (To contact me click on “Author”  and scroll down to leave message).

Note the top of my webpage has a section marked “For Bookclubs” which delves into the themes and characters.

From the Email bag:    Is Kindle the only eBook format you have for the book?

CCM: I did have an exclusive 90-day contract with Amazon but when it expired, A Place in the World became available to all online eBook retailers, including Apple iPAd, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and others.

Here are several URLs : https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/APlaceintheWorld


Email from Amy:   I like to have an actual book in my hands.  How do I order one?

CCM: Soft cover print books are available on Amazon (above) or directly from the printer


Email from Patricia : how to order from my local bookstore?

CCM: The title, A Place in the World,  and author name might be sufficient, but to make it easy on them give them the ISBN #: 978-0-9888483-0-6 .  Tell them Multicultural Press/VBookworm will give the store a “bookstore discount” if they ask for it.

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