More Photos & notes on Dolphins


I think I can get away with claiming this belongs in my blog under the “Nature” category.  A previous post (Roatan) was fairly popular so thought I would share a bit more.  Many of these photos were provided by Anthony’s Key/Roatan Institute for Marine Science or professional photographers.

There are many different species of dolphins – those shown here weigh upwards of 400lbs (they are larger than porpoises).  We love them for their intelligence, their often friendly appearance (that “smile” of theirs) and their playfulness.


“Smiling” and “talking”

playing #9

Playing. The trainer asks them to “create” and they can make up their own tricks and performances!

Like whales and porpoises they are mammals.  As a matter of fact – here’s the interesting bit – they are descended from land mammals!  We knew mammals came out of the water way back in geologic time, but here is a mammal whose ancestors (re)entered the seas roughly 50 million years ago.


Flying Dolphins!

Dolphins communicate with whistle-like sounds as well as clicks for echolocation.

AKR #11

A dolphin swimming on the shallows of a beach.

I’m toying with the idea of a marine biologist as a character in my next novel.  What do you think? (In the recent one, the protagonist was a rain forest biologist and her lover was a geologist – they made an interesting couple.)


4 thoughts on “More Photos & notes on Dolphins

  1. Hey Cinda – I’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins but Joel is afraid of them! He’s got some notion that they’re oversexed. LOL.

    A marine biologist would make a great protagonist and think of all the fun you’d have doing research!


  2. Hi Cinda, I have never kissed a dolphin and have always wondered what it feels like. How can you describe their skin? (now I really have to do this).

    p.s. I received your comment about re-blogging my post on Colombia and you’re more than welcome to do so. It’d be my honor. Cheers!


    • Hi Will-

      The dolphins skin is not as slippery as a fish nor rough like a shark’s. The underbelly is silky. Swimming with them was scary at first as they like to swim right up to your face mask with an open mouth and touch you – you have to be prepared! I would turn my back on them when they did that and they no doubt thought I no fun – sometimes they would bump me or swim right next to me at great speed and I had to be careful as I had a torn tendon in my arm from a recent injury. But mostly they just wanted to play. My husband says “they are just like dogs” as they would play fetch with a piece of seaweed. They seemed as happy as kids in a playground and liked to show off occasionally too. It was an incredible experience! Cinda


    • Regarding reblogging: I couldn’t find a button on your blog – apparently WordPress ( my host) only allows me to reblog other WordPress users – go figure. I will try to find a way around it – maybe I can cut and paste.


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