After Colombia my husband, Tom, wanted to snorkle in Roatan in the Honduran Bay of Islands.  We flew into San Salvador and from there on to Roatan.

We were here almost ten years ago and it had changed (grown from sleepy dirt roads and casual pensions to more upscale hotels and lodges) – but what had NOT changed was the fabulous reef.  We’ve snorkeled many places and sadly watched the coral – and then the fish and marine life – decline.  I’m happy to report that Roatan reef seems quite healthy!  (Visitors – keep it that way: Please Don’t stand on or touch the coral!)

4.2 After

The grouper there can be huge!

1.1 After

Antny Key_e-crp0032

Anthony’s Key photo by E. Bush

We stayed on the little island in the upper part of the photo and took a water taxi back to the main island for meals etc.


You can probably tell from the photo above you can snorkel right out your door – but we also choose to go out to a different spot on a boat every morning.  It is amazing that each underwater site is like a different sea “village” – one features coral, another colorful fish and at yet another was teeming with lobster and an octopus that put on a wonderful show for us.  (We had succulent lobster for dinner one night!)

Dolphins live and train in the southern enclosure – but here is what I love: they can leave anytime they want to.  They choose to stay for the free food and protection from sharks etc. most of the dolphins were born there.

dlphn bkward flip_crp0162

Backward flip


Tail-walking on water (dancing really).

So one of the most exciting things we did was swim with the dolphins.  The trainers put them through their paces for us first: flips, races, “talking” and ” and tail walking.

And then we were set free to swim with them. It was scary at first as these 400 lb animals swim right up to your face with their mouths open or bumping you with their sides and splashing you with their tails.  Tom dangled bits of seaweed which they would take from him, swim away and then bring it back – much like dogs playing ball!  (I don’t have any photos of us actually swimming with them because the trainers said the dolphins steal anything you bring into the water to play with – like cameras!)

C Dolphin kiss_ps-e1952

Cinda gets dolphin kiss

T dolpin kiss tongue_e1969

Tom’s dolphin gives him a lick

T &C dolphin e1944

Playing with a dolphin


7 thoughts on “ROATAN, HONDURAS

  1. My next holiday destination for sure!😀 Doing contract flying in the Carib based in Haiti. Would like to visit this island when my contract finishes in mid October. Lived in Mauritius east of Madagascar for 7 years. Very happy memories


  2. The reefs around the Bay Islands are as good as any in the world, as far as I can tell. I went yachting there with some friends from the Embassy and from World Relief (I was working with refugees at the time), and the snorkeling was breathtaking! As good as anything I’d ever seen on National Geographic.

    Maybe someday I can take my wife there and visit the dolphins. She loves dolphins.


    • I recommend it! A friend told me about a place in Mexico, but it sounded to me the dolphins were not well treated so I wouldn’t want to contribute to that. BTW Avianca had a flight from Bogota (via I think San Salvador rather than Tegucigalpa) and a direct one to Houston – maybe they fly direct from Florida to Roatan too.)
      Were you based in Honduras at the time? If so you might have been there when Sue Spalding was there with the Peace Corps?


  3. I could not help but smile as I read through
    your post. What a dear time you had in Roatan. My wife and I are huge lovers of sea life and have to swim with the dolphins the next chance we get. Thank you for sharing and bringing a smile to my face.

    p.s. I’m also glad that the dolphins are not kept in captivity.


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