“Our” Castle in Bogotá

I had a few responses to my last post showing the castle my sister, brother and I explored as little kids. Two people wrote to say they lived on the same street (Carrera 3 ) as I – near the bottom of the cobblestone street that led to Colegio Nueva Granada or on Calle 74.  (Lindel was the daughter of my 3rd grade teacher Mrs Waugh and Jenny was the daughter of Mr. Bjork our principal at CNG!) Thus I felt a couple of more pictures are warranted!

Old castle on the end of our street ( Carrera 3)

Old castle on the end of our street ( Carrera 3)

Located on the corner of Calle N° 74  and Carrera 3, Castillo del Mono Osorio was declared an architectural monument and is now is available for weddings and receptions.  It was built early in the last century by Dr. Juan Osorio Morales (whose nickname was apparently Mono).  Dr. Osorio was attached to the Colombian embassy in Brussels and painted a 12th century castle he was fond of.  On returning to Colombia he then recreated the castle over a period of 20 years replete with a small moat.

My sister Carolin at the entrance

My sister Carolin at the gate we used to peer through

I wondered if it was Dr Juan Osorio who invited us kids in that day – no I think it must have been his son, Dr. Hernando Osorio, as it was a younger man.  It is still owned by the family.  There are tall buildings around it now that were not present in our day when this was a quiet Rosales residential area.

our magic castle_ps e 0098

I was amazed that with the email response to what I thought was a personal post – but it turned out Castillo Mono Osorio was shared in the memories of others as well.

Does this bring up memories for you of a certain place or time?


9 thoughts on ““Our” Castle in Bogotá

  1. I never saw this building, but I didn’t do much sightseeing in Bogotá other than the usual (gold museum, Monserrate, salt cathedral). In Medellín there is a gorgeous castle in Poblado that I think was built by the Echevarría family who founded Coltejer.


  2. Hi Cinda, as much as I love Bogota I would not be able to live there. It’s very crowded and expensive. I have never been a city person and I love being in the countryside as supposed to the city. It’s a great place to visit, however. HAve you been to Laguna del Neusa? I was there in Jan. and I recommend it.


    • Hi Will – No I haven’t heard of it, but if it is in Cundinamarca I bet it is near Laguna Tota – where my Dad used to take us. I too am not a city person – I found Bogota a little overwhelming – perhaps because of the traffic.


    • Hi – yet another one – this is cool! “Our” castle has become a collective “our” in the blog realm – what fun to connect. Thanks for writing.
      I enjoyed your pictures of the row houses and Capitol in WDC (my sister lives there) in your post “Walking Five Miles>>”. Actually I wanted to like your post but I couldn’t find a place to click ( mine seems to have a button under my post).


    • Hmmm…strange.I’ll have to check about my like button. What have your impressions been so far on your trip to Bogota? It looks like you are having a good time!


    • It was me – I was able to “like” you when I went back!
      Bogota has grown huge and the traffic is pretty bad. I was disappointed that so much had changed – old residences had become edificios – but you can’t stop time and growth. On the plus side I so enjoyed the people; I had forgotten how courteous and kind they are; I loved eating ajaico, yuca, juices and platanos again! Also bought guascos (the herb for making Ajaico) and sugary panelas (I think we used to call them cajeta.) Monserrate was great – that will be my next post.


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