My husband Tomas and I are here in Bogota for my school reunion with Colegio Nueva Granada.


Me around first or second grade in Bogota.

The first day I sat at a table with my novel as I greeted arriving alumni (compañeros). Sometimes we recognize each other sometimes we don´t – or we were here in different years. I recognize classmates of my sister Carolin too, who arrives and we have lunch.  Living on different sides of the USA we haven´t seen each other in three years.


We visited Zipaquira where an ancient salt mine – or part of it ( it is still an operational mine) has been turned  into a cathedral.

As we get off  the bus a colombiana passes around a roll of toilet paper – there are modern toilets at the mine  – but no toilet paper!


My friend Sue passing around the toilet paper roll!

Below is the entrance to the salt mine.


Mural above the entrance


entrance to the mine (wood saplings are covered by steel ribs)

A picture of the light show in one of the many carved out crosses.



Artist(s) have carved into the salt.


Town of Zipaquira


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