Remembering a childhood in Colombia

cinda1Next week I will be writing you from Colombia – at least hopefully. (Sometimes it is hard to get online or find an internet café.)  I am going to a reunion in Bogotá with my old school – Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG). Some of these “kids” I haven’t seen in …well decades!

I was a first grader when we moved to Bogotá and was fascinated by the cobble stone road that ran up the hill to my school.  My parents told me the Indians had built it.  Years later I realized that the Indian builders had been slaves of the conquistadors and the beautiful road became tarnished for me.  But at the top of the road, Colegio Nueva G ranada occupied a beautiful brick mansion that had been the Japanese Embassy many years ago – until they moved out with the advent of  WWII in the Pacific.  (An older friend told me before that, the school had taken over the German Club after they were asked to leave the country at the start of WWI and a picture of Hitler had been left behind!)  CNG continued to grow and moved to a modern school building when I was in 4th grade; I missed the romantic old mansion with its parquet floors.

I’ll have more than old memories to post next week!Col man ps-e02

The pictures I attach are paintings my mother collected when we lived there..Colombian woman_e0002ps


One thought on “Remembering a childhood in Colombia

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your trip. You can always blog the old-fashioned way – pen and paper! Have a good one!


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