In A Better World

I saw a wonderful Danish movie last night on dvd, aptly called In A Better World. It is not new – it came out in 2010 – but I had not heard of it in spite of the fact it won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.  It is about two boys dealing with bullies and the unfairness of life, who find solace in their heart-warming friendship. Their caring but troubled parents try to cope the best the can.  I don’t want give away the ending or I’d tell you more. The acting is superb.

Do you like foreign films?  I’ve found I can almost always guess what is going to happen next in American films – as if they are using a formula. (The last writers’ workshop I went to was encouraging the same trite “outline” approach).

Share you  favorite books and movies with me – especially if they have a global theme.


5 thoughts on “In A Better World

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