President Obama in Costa Rica

President Obama is visiting my  home country of Costa Rica.   To my knowledge – the last US president to visit was JFK with Jackie.  Two popular presidents ( with popular wives) – both well received.

Why Costa Rica?  Well 1) it was high time for a Latin American courtesy call and Obama  met with several Latin American leaders and 2) CR is probably one of the safest places in this hemisphere with their strong tradition of peace and democracy – unique in this part of the world.  (Exemplary in any part of the world).  Costa Rica also holds the pro tempore presidency of the Central American Integration System (SICA = Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana, -it might make more sense if it was still named the Organization of Central American States), giving Obama the excuse of not playing favorites.

But who wouldn’t want to go there? (Well there was a strong earthquake last week but gracias a dios no serious injuries were reported).  I hope Obama gets to see something besides traffic clogged San Jose.  The natural beauty of countryside might remind him of Hawaii – with even more diversity of habitat and climate in a country the size of West Virginia.


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